​Ross Poldark’s financial woes were the basis of this episode, along with his relationship with Demelza and Elizabeth, with some much needed comedy thrown in too. The feud with George Warleggan intensified, and looks set to get worse, which will no doubt be compelling viewing.
Aside from Jud’s ‘death’ there were no real dramatic events in the episode. Ross and Demelza sold their possessions to pay off their exorbitant debt interest (who knew Demelza had a £100 brooch?) which doesn’t put them in an ideal situation. Especially with a baby on the way. Along with the fact the couple is hitting a rocky patch in their relationship. Their woes and troubles do not look to be lifting any time soon!

The scene with Ross and Elizabeth evidently showed Ross still has feelings, and although Elizabeth told him to get lost (or words to that effect) I doubt that will be the end of it! Despite the amount of time since they went out, they both still have feelings for each other but this can only end badly…The final scene indicated Ross will support Demelza and their coming child, which hopefully he will do for Demelza’s sake! Demelza was not in a great place all episode. She sold her belongings, got hit on by a sleazy old man in a hedge, and heard her husband basically say he loved another woman. Ross had better get his act together before the situation gets too bad! Otherwise I sense Captain McNeil will step in as I’m sure we’ve not seen the last of him…

It was good to see Francis happy again. Indeed the change from a suicidal failure to an optimistic farmer gathering in the harvest was remarkable. (Off topic but his son is adorable!) His renewed relationship with Ross also seems to be getting him back on track. A harvest party with various groups of people including gentry members and poor farm hands was unlikely to be the sort of party Elizabeth thought she’d host when she married! Her mother did not seem too impressed with it all. She also proclaimed her shock at the exposure of bosoms in fashions in Bath, describing them as capers on a plate, which brought some much needed laughter in. Please can she be in every episode?!

Jud and Prudie brought even more comedy in. Although Jud’s apparent death was a shock and was of course sad, Prudie’s reaction was fantastic especially when she found the gold sovereigns in his pocket. The situation was made better by the disappearance of Jud’s body, and subsequent reappearance of a drunk Jud “back from the dead”. Wearing his white sheet he had been wrapped in, saying his t’aint right, t’aint fair, t’aint fit, t’aint proper line, with Prudie’s reaction was fantastic. One has to wonder though how no one realised he was still alive, did a doctor not check?

George will no doubt be marginally relieved he doesn’t have a death on his hands (though he was less bothered about that last week when he did everything to make Ross hang!) This will continue to haunt him as he has now exposed himself to potential attack, physical or otherwise. Judging by the practice fighting we saw this episode, George may need to up his game a little if he’s to have a chance of defending himself…His nerves are on high alert as he grabs his gun when someone approaches, which shows his confident veneer is just a show. He is also regretting his support of Unwin Trevaunance as having someone in your camp who is weak, selfish, and a nuisance can’t be very helpful! Although he will be useful for fashion tips as that double breasted jacket he showed off looked rather nice.

Top tip from this episode on how to lure your man: get a fishbone stuck in your throat. Caroline Penvenen continues her pursuit of Dr Enys and judging by the chemistry between them, her persistance will be rewarded! She is far too good for Unwin (he is already thinking about how he’ll spend her money), but her and Dr Enys are a good match.

Questions for next episode, will Ross and Demelza resolve their problems? Will Ross and Francis maintain their friendship? Will George face greater trouble from Ross or continue his domination? Will Jud stay alive? Will Caroline get her man?

Photo Credit to BBC