The first 6 couples took to the floor and what a show it was! Week 1 is always a mixed bag of those that are bad, wobbly, decent, potentially good, and far too good for so early! This show was pretty even however, with a few wobbly bits but no reaaally outstanding performances. I do think the judges overmarked a few performances which is quite annoying but nevertheless it was a great show! 

Laura and Giovanni started off and surprisingly for me weren’t as good as I thought they might be. She looked unsteady for most of the dance, and though I don’t know much about dancing, I saw the cha cha needed more snap and straighter legs throughout. She can perform and I think she’ll be safe for a while yet. I hope the audience keep her in as I do think she can improve with time!

Naga and Pasha’s waltz was ok. It was nothing to write home about but it was not bad at all. It did lack finesse and there were some stumbles/errors but that’s not unusual! Her top line and the whole performance was pretty good. Waltz is hard to make memorable in week 1 as the energetic dances are the ones that stand out, so she may be forgotten amongst others.

Judge Rinder and Oksana were a hugely good surprise, predictably with a courtroom theme dance. He put literally everything into the routine (sometimes it might have been better to show some restraint…his faces were something else) but what a performance! It was amazing to watch and the dancing was actually pretty good too! With some work and control he could be the dark horse of the competition and go far. I think everyone is rooting for him now, it was so surprisingly decent, hilarious, and just a joy to watch!

Lesley and Anton were surprisingly not too bad. You would think they wouldn’t be great (Lesley was maybe classed as a ‘joke’ along with Ed Balls) but aside from the posture (which really wasn’t great) it was pretty decent! The footwork seemed good and there were no obvious problems or errors and the performance was good. The posture issue probably wasn’t helped by Anton being so much taller than Lesley. Whether they’re good enough to stay beyond a few weeks is doubtful, as the level of competition is high, but it was pleasant to see a good dance from them all the same!

Ore and Joanne’s tango was unusual and I wasn’t a huuuge fan of it. The dancing itself was good but there was too much messin abaaht at the start as Len would say. It was probably the best level of dancing we saw, backed up by being top of the leaderboard. For me, I wasn’t a huge fan of the overall show of it and the performance, but I appreciate it was good.

Greg and Natalie were another couple who put a lot in their performance. Predictably there was jumping in it (which was quite impressive!) and the jive steps themselves were decent. There were some ccomplicated bits and he managed them, albeit not technically perfect. Technically there were issues, which was not surprising as athletic drills train the feet to be the opposite to what dancing feet should be! The arms were also a bit dodgy at times but with more practice the technique should get better and I still think/hope he can go far! The jive is hard for a first dance and he coped well. The judges did slightly overmark it perhaps though, but as I want Greg to do well I won’t complain!

The final 9 dance tonight! I’m looking forward to seeing Claudia and Danny especially (my favourites along with Greg). I’m also interested to see Will Young and Louise Redknapp. Will they live up to the hype surrounding them that already is placing them in prime position to win? For me I don’t get it at all, especially with Louise, but we shall see what they can do tonight! Also Ed Balls is dancing this evening. Need I say more?!
Photo credit to BBC