​Unusually for Poldark this was quite a positive episode! The main story was Ross getting back on his feet by going into a new mining venture with Francis at Weald Grace (with some added smuggling on the side). Demelza also gave birth; time goes fast in Poldark land as she only announced she was preganant 2 episodes ago! Also, Verity and Captain Blamey returned, Ross and George had their long awaited fight, and Caroline and Dr Enys upped their flirting game even more.

Mining, money, smuggling, and shares took up much of the episode and I’m not sure if anyone understands the ins and outs of everything going on! But from what I can gather, George was increasing his control over Ross’ mine as he bought up more shares, meaning Ross couldn’t do what he wanted. Ross then sold his shares, invested in opening up his father’s old mine, Weald Grace, along with Francis (with money earned by betraying Ross to George last series…) because they think copper may be there. It’s not the most exciting thing but it basically means Ross and Francis are united and things look positive for this mine, though it’s doubtful it will stay that way! Ross also agreed to allow smuggling in his cove. It was risky and although it paid off, Demelza was definitely not impressed! Ross in prison was not something she (or the viewers) could go through again!

Demelza had quite a dramatic episode. Not only was she trying to keep Ross in check, she spent her spare time fishing which, while heavily pregnant, is perhaps not the best idea. Indeed when she went into labour in the boat it did maybe show she was wrong to go…But never fear! Ross saved her by wading in and carrying her to land like a true gent, if you ignore the sniping comments made between the pair of them! It all worked out and they have a healthy son which ended the episode on a happy note.

Speaking of happy notes, the return of Verity and Captain Blamey to the fold was very welcome. They finally reconciled with Francis which should mean we shall see lots more of them. All the Poldarks are united together, though likely only for a brief moment as things never stay good for long! Verity meeting her step-children were some delightful scenes and hopefully we shall see more of the children in future episodes!

Another happy moment for most (except George) was of course Ross and George Warleggan’s big fight. It was only a matter of time before their simmering tensions boiled over and it did not disappoint! George’s boxing lessons came in handy so he was able to pull off some surprise attacks on Ross, including a moment of trying to gouge his eyes out. I did find myself rooting for George, mainly to show those lessons were worth the no doubt crazy amount of money he paid. Realistically though, he had to bow to a stronger man as Ross emerged victorious. Money can buy many things but sadly for George that does not include brute strength. George also awkwardly flirted with Elizabeth, wanting to increase their friendship, whilst reminding (blackmailing?) her he basically kept her family afloat. Not the most conventional way to romance a woman! Sidenote, why are so many men in love with Elizabeth?!

Dr Enys and Caroline’s relationship stepped up another gear as he inspected her throat, she declared they should let the poor die to keep the numbers in check, and she then bought oranges for said poor. Maybe she realised her views may not be the best way to attract a Doctor who’s profession is to make people (including the poor) live. The oranges seemed to more than make up for it as Dr Enys gazed admiringly/appreciatively/lovingly (take your pick) at her several times. They sure are dragging out the romance but I for one enjoy this storyline immensely and want it to keep running!

This episode concluded positively, indeed for me it felt like the conclusion to a series! But this was no doubt the calm before the storm starts up again. Will Ross and Francis’ venture work? Based on past experiences probably not. Will George find a way to get back at Roos and Francis? Again, based on past experience probably yes. Will Caroline and Dr Enys meet again as she moved away at the end of the episode? As their meeting was in the trailer for next week I’d say very likely yes. How will Demelza and Ross be as parents? The rate the stories move we probably won’t find out as the child will be grown up by the middle of the episode!

Photo Credit to BBC