The remaining 9 couples danced so now we’ve seen everybody, and the standard is definitely high! Although I’d say the judges overmarked a bit (a 9 Len?!) there is no denying the incredible level of the competition.

Louise and Kevin were first to dance, and their jive was good. There were a lot of steps and it was hugely energetic. I thought Louise was a bit laboured, especially towards the end which meant it wasn’t as good as it might have been. For a first dance it was decent, although the way everyone’s been saying she’s a ringer with previous training etc (despite Kevin protesting the opposite) it was a bit disappointing! Scored a bit too high I think (like most couples!) and I haven’t really warmed to them.

Melvin and Janette were pretty poor. I thought Melvin would be ok at Latin but his cha cha was disappointing. There was little hip movement and the steps he did weren’t great, with lot of props etc to distract from the dancing. His outfit was also a little bit loud, neon pink trousers and a multi coloured shirt is not the best combination! Maybe they intended to blind everyone so people wouldn’t see how bad the dance was? I can’t see him advancing beyond the first couple of weeks, maybe even out first.

Daisy and Aljaz did a beautiful waltz but Len especially maybe went slightly over the top with praise?! It was good for a first week dance but a 9 was definitely too high! I guess her footwork was ok (the dress hid a lot of it) and her posture was good, but there was definitely more room to improve!They looked stunning, and her dress was dreamy but for me not the best dance of the evening, that went to..

Danny and Oti! Loved loved LOVED their dance! Although definitely not perfect it was stunning and did look flawless. Everything was in time and he and Oti were great together. I thought he’d do amazing but he surpassed my expectations! Everyone was so focused on Louise and Will’s previous stage experience that they ignored Danny’s drama school past (lol). This could backfire on him as it could mean he might struggle with public support but I really hope not, I’ll be voting for them!

Tameka and Gorka rather unusually took on a Paso Doble in week 1. It was a good effort and was enjoyable to watch, but it lacked the renowned shaping and the steps could be improved. It was a good performance and a decent effort for week 1 and I’m looking forward to seeing her do other dances that might be easier for her.

Anastacia and Brendan performed a very racy cha cha! At least it would have been were it not for the stumble where she completely fell out of the spin. After that it was cautious and never quite recaptured the same level of performance. Definitely think she was kindly marked as normally a noticeable error like that would be more harshly penalised! She was pretty good in her steps and capturing the theme of the dance so I’m interested to see watch she can do in her next dance, hopefully with no mistakes in it!

Ed Balls danced a Waltz with Katya and to be fair it was not bad at all! Yes it was bottom of the leaderboard but it’s a year of a very high standard, in another year it wouldn’t be bottom. Although Ballroom probably would be his best dances, rather than Latin, it was actually encouraging to see he isn’t a total flop! I think the public will vote enough to keep him in a week or two but there’s so many dancers of good quality he will struggle. I think everyone is pleasantly surprised and I’m actually quite looking forward to his next dance.

Claudia and AJ’s performance was good and I enjoyed it. I liked the gymnastics moves in it but I was a little disappointed with the dancing and overall performance (not helped by the fact I didn’t like the song…). For someone with no dancing/stage background however it wasn’t too bad! She will definitely need to improve to progress in the competition and I think she can do that. I still say there’s a shot at the final, especially if the public don’t much like the ‘ringers’.

Will and Karen did a Tango that was pretty good! Again maybe a little disappointing after the hype around his previous experience, but good nonetheless. I liked the beginning sequence and the dancing was solid, but nothing to write home about. I was a little confused about his trousers, were they meant to be that short to show his red socks? I guess we may never know. It was one of the best dances of both nights regardless.

So everyone’s danced and I’m feelig positive about my favourite 3! Danny was incredible, and Greg and Claudia showed potential if they keep on improving (everyone loves a ‘journey’). Next week it’s a mega show with all 15 couples dancing and then the first one leaves. It’s too soon to say bye! I predict Melvin may go first which will be a shame but someone has to go. Incidentally it will be the last Strictly I see live for a while as I go back to uni, so it had better be a good one!

Photo Credit to BBC