All 15 couples took to the floor in a super long show that was full of good dances, some not so good, some surprises, and more reasonable scoring than last week. There were so many performances they all started to blend together, probably not helped by the wine I was drinking at the time…

Ore and Joanne kicked off the show with a hot Cha Cha as firefighters. It was a great performance and really enjoyable. His free arm needs work because it distracted from the good work he did elsewhere. His footwork and technique on the whole has room for improvement, but for his first latin dance it was a good show! I like him and Joanne and I think they will do well in the competition, as long as they improve!

Claudia and AJ were next, and their Waltz was lovely and an improvement on last week! The choreography was beautiful and the little extra bits put in added to the performance and weren’t used for the sake of putting them in, like the gymnastics moves were last week. Claudia can make some really great lines, but sometimes the flow went a bit, maybe because she’s quite small she skipped a bit to catch AJ up? Either way, a stunning dance and if she keeps improving this way she’ll go far.

Will and Karen’s Jive was a little disappointing in my opinion, but maybe I was expecting too much! His performance was good and the steps were right but they weren’t as sharp as I thought they might be. He said he pulled a muscle which could explain that but the dance was nonetheless a bit lacklustre. Craig’s mark of 5 was quite harsh however!

Lesley and Anton did a Cha Cha which wasn’t bad, especially considering Lesley is nearly 71! For me the parts with less dancing in were better than when she did dance, which is a little awkward… When there was quite a bit of dancing to do she got quite wild and lost technique so it didn’t look very pretty (like Anton’s sparkly trousers…). She never lost time however and she performed it well which is good to see! The judges did overmark, especially with the 7s! It was a 6 max.

Greg and Natalie performed the Tango next and it wasn’t as explosive as their jive last week. His posture needs work and, however cringy it got with the judges dicussing his bum, they were correct that it did stick out a lot! The footwork was all there but lacked the smoothness it needed. Surprisingly for a sportsperson he was able to perform it well though! With time the technique and posture will come so I’m still hopeful he’ll do well. He has to improve in ballroom though!

Tameka and Gorka’s Charleston was a whole lot of fun and I really enjoyed it! The theme was great and the dance was great, although not without a few issues. There was a small slip up part way through, and the technique needed more finesse, with more swivel and partly timing as well, but besides from these it was a great and entertaining dance!

Laura and Giovanni performed their Waltz next, and what an improvement on last week! It was a stunning dance and her posture, footwork, everything was amazing. I think all her ballroom dances will be great, she just really needs to work on the latin dances then she will surely be a contender!

Melvin and Janette’s Tango wasn’t too good sadly. His posture was hunched forward and his footwork wasn’t amazing, though there moments which were ok! I like Melvin but he’s quite forgettable, and his poor dancing means I think he will be first to go. (And indeed he was! I wrote that prediction before the results I promise!) 

Louise and Kevin’s Viennese Waltz was really good. Her posture and upper body were stunning and her footwork was good too. In hold her and Kevin work well and looked like they were gliding across the floor, which is what they were aiming for! Personality wise I find Louise a bit bland, and for me this carries into her dances which spoils them a little, but still she is a great dancer!

Anastacia and Brendan’s Salsa was not great, partly due no doubt to the fact she was injured (torn some scar tissue from her mastectomy). She gave it a good effort but it did not turn out that well. There was no hip action and the steps weren’t cleanly performed. It was a good effort and well done for continuing, but it’s no surprise she was in the bottom 2.

Ed Balls and Katya doing the Charleston is something I won’t forget in a hurry! There wasn’t much swivel and the technique was lacking, but everything was in time and he was performing it! It was lots of fun and I’m glad he stayed in. I think he’ll be in for a week or 2 because the public will keep voting!

Naga and Pasha’s Cha Cha wasn’t too good. Although she did a decent ballroom, she really didn’t take to this latin dance. She was quite stiff, and she seemed quite unstable and uncomfortable throughout the dance. She’ll need to up her game and loosen up a lot more, especially in these latin dances if she’s going to progress much further!

Judge Rinder and Oksana performed the first American Smooth of the series and it was surprisingly good! He is an unexpected good dancer, and with some finesse in his arms, a less wild technique, and a less exaggerated face, he could be really good! The lifts he did were fantastic, the solo sections were good as were the pieces in hold. There are flaws to iron out but he is one to look out for!

Daisy and Aljaz, after their lovely Waltz last week moved to the Cha Cha this week. I thought Daisy may struggle with Latin but she actually did a good job. She needed to loosen up more and make the steps sharper but it was decent for week 2. Judges giving 8s were being quite generous but it was still a good dance!

Finally, the stand outs of last week, Danny and Oti took on a Viennese Waltz that again was superb! There was drama (they both performed it brilliantly), the steps were good, and it was a fab performance! It was a unique take on the dance and it worked so well! There are clearly some flaws as he’s not a professional dancer but these can be ironed out. I feel like he might be too good too early to win the competition but I really hope not!

So Melvin unsurprisingly left the competition, but in a first for the show left by public vote. Anastacia being in the bottom 2 and being unable to dance meant this had to happen but I’m not sure it might have been better for her to withdraw. How will she be able to dance next week?

Overall, really pleased Danny continued to be great, Claudia improved, and there was a good level of dance across the board. Greg needs to work to improve but I’m sure he can do it!

Photo Credit to BBC.