Movies galore were represented in this themed week of Strictly, with many award winners, mainly of the Oscar but some of Razzie variety. Costume, make up etc were phenomenal as the celebrities were transformed into these well known characters (and admittedly some not so well known…) 

Daisy and Aljaz kicked off with a Mary Poppins Quickstep to ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’. Although Daisy was far from perfect, the dance itself was lovely. It worked really well with the music, Daisy captured the character great, the dancing was just a bit sloppy in places. Her frame was a bit loose and her footwork could have been better (but I am being picky!) It was a great way to kick off the show!

Anastacia and Brendan danced the Waltz to A Thousand Years from Twilight (the song is actually good unlike the movies…) She seemed to cope well with the injury that kept her out of the dance off last week and it was a nice dance. But in a night of excellent and memorable dances it wasn’t anything special.

Danny and Oti on the other hand did a fantastic Paso Doble! They really are an amazing partnership and there were so many good things about the dance! There was great drama (Danny was Zorro), great shaping, and an overall brilliant performance. Deservedly joint top of the leaderboard. Oti’s choreography in every dance is fantastic and Danny can perform it well so I hope to see them go all the way! Can you tell I love them…?

Lesley and Anton did a Quickstep to a son from the film Easter Parade. They weren’t quite Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers but they did well! As I’ve said before, for her age, Lesley is incredible! She had plenty of energy and although the steps and technique could be cleaner, and the posture a bit better, she is actually good! She’s nowhere near as bad as I thought she’d be at the start of the series!
Will and Karen did a Bollywood themed “Salsa” to Jai Ho. I say “Salsa” because I have to agree with Len and say there wasn’t much Salsa content. Yes there were Salsa steps, but it wasn’t obviously a Salsa if you weren’t told what it was. The dance was actually good and enjoyable, but the overriding feel was not one of Salsa! I’m not especially warming to Will (maybe because he isn’t living up to the hype of “He’s a trained dancer”) but I do think he is pretty good. Hopefully next week he’ll do an actual ballroom/latin dance! (Will has actually sadly left Strictly now which is a real shame).
Naga and Pasha did a rather lacklustre Tango. The theme Mission Impossible should have made it exciting and dramatic, but in reality the most exciting bit was whether Pasha would ever get the harness off Naga at the start…She looked stunning but sadly she can’t seem to fully embrace the performance and the dance. She still seems unsteady and I really thought she would be in the dance off.

Judge Rinder and Oksana did a Flintstones themed Charleston, and it was a sight to behold! It was not the most technically good Charleston, and there were several mistakes, but the overall perfomance and show was great! He really knows how to pull off a dance and his faces actually weren’t out of place like they have been in other dances! He really is a joy to watch as he so obviously loves what he’s doing!

Ore and Joanne danced the American Smooth to the classic Singing in the Rain. Their routine paid homage to much from the film with a lamp post, umbrella etc but it was still unique to the original, not just an imitation! Gene Kelly will forever be the supreme dancer to this song, but Ore did a good show! He put his own stamp on it and although it wasn’t perfect it was hugely enjoyable to watch! Sidenote: song choices really help dances/marks, because if he didn’t dance to such an iconic song would he have scored so high?
Laura and Giovanni did what I thought was a decent Salsa to the theme of Moulin Rouge. Yes it was wild and could have been sharper, but unlike some (mentioning no names…) it was recognisably a Salsa! There were lots of moves and steps that Laura performed well and it was a really enjoyable performance. It was a shock to see her in the bottom two as she was no where near the bottom of the leaderboard, but I think it’s the situation where she may not have a huge automatic fan base, and people forgot about her as she performed in the middle. It was a real shame but I’m glad she’s through to next week!

Greg and Natalie danced the American Smooth to the theme of Robin Hood, and they were excellent. This was so much better than last week’s Tango! His posture was better (or did his costume just cover his bum sticking out better…?) and the overall dance was less awkward and more graceful. The lifts were fantastic, showcasing his strengths, and overall it was a really enjoyable dance!

Claudia and AJ were fantastic in their Bugsy Malone themed Charleston, deservedly joint top of the leaderboard. The dance really suited Claudia and together the couple were unbelievably energetic and the characterisation was fab! I loved the routine, though the pie in the face at the end was a little awkward as the judges didn’t seem to be a fan of it going over their desk…Claudia will need to work incredibly hard to top this performance but she’s on the right track and is improving each dance!

Ed and Katya danced the Samba, with Ed as the Mask, which was a very bizarre theme/dance combination! Also a Samba in Week 3 seems harsh especially for someone, shall we say less talented, like Ed! He was brilliant though! Ok so the Samba steps and rhythm weren’t the best, but he gave it a good go and he performed it well! He really does surlrise me as he is actually decent for a non performer/dancer! He got really into the character and to be honest, I don’t know how you can not think he’s great!

Tameka and Gorka did a Tango to Beverley Hills Cop, and it was another good performance by them. Tameka isn’t the best technical dancer but in terms of putting on a show she is one of the best! The dance was pretty good, and like Laura, it was a real shock to see her in the dance off. A situation of two good dancers in the dance off doesn’t normally happen until much later, as there are still many more worse couples left in! It’s a real shame to see Tameka (and Gorka) go as I felt they could really improve. I thought the final was a long shot but I thought she’d be in for weeks yet! I think people just forgot about her in the midst of other performances which is a real shame.

Louise and Kevin danced the Cha Cha to What A Feeling from Flashdance. For me this wasn’t amazing, but I do accept the Cha Cha is hard! The dance was enjoyable, with references to the movie interspersed with decent Cha Cha. There wasn’t enough sharpness for me but it was still good, though I preferred many other performances on the night!

So next show we have 2 less with the departures of Tameka and Will. They will leave big gaps in the competition, and after the shock of who was in the dance off, it will be interesting to see who will be next! I feel that Anastacia and Naga should be nervous….maybe Ed and Lesley…After Movie Week (which I always love) the next show will be a bit less exciting/gimmicky so we can really focus on the dancing, and we have some first dances of the series to see which will be fun!

P.S My reviews are a little irregular now I’m back at uni because I’m fitting them in around my work!
Photo Credit to BBC