Another very late review…But what a fantastic show! There was drama as Will Young pulled out of the show for “personal reasons” which was a shame. There were still some super stand out performances, with the highest and the lowest scores of the series! We’re approaching to the stage where we want almost no-one to go home and it gets harder to predict who does! We are also seeing exciting new dances being performed which spices up the shows.

Greg and Natalie kicked off with a Salsa and, however much I love them, it wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen…The lifts were fantastic (especially with his wrist problem) and he was oviously trying, but it wasn’t as smooth and as effortless a Salsa should look. He really needs to work to up his standards to compete with the better dancers, but this is completely new to him so it’s not going to be easy! I think Greg is fab though and hopefully he will improve!

Laura and Giovanni did a lovely Quickstep (though I don’t think it was a 9 Bruno!) Parts of it were fantastic, but other sections her frame went a bit dodgy. Nevertheless it was a great performance and so glad she wasn’t in the bottom 2.

Anastacia and Brendan did the Rumba, a dance which unsurprisingly landed them in the bottom 2. A notoriously hard dance, you either can or can’t do it, and most celebs can’t! She did give it a good go, but it was quite forgettable and didn’t flow as much as a Rumba should. I wasn’t surprised to see her in the bottom 2 at all!

Claudia and AJ did a Foxtrot which I really enjoyed. The footwork was great, but I do agree the bits out of hold had an American Smooth vibe. I did not like the song choice, it could have been ok but I don’t like the direction the couple are going in! Every dance has been about their age, and I wish they would get a chance to dance to a more classical ‘adult’ song rather than trying to make them ‘down with the kids’. I find it quite patronising (especially as they’re similar age to me!) and I feel it is marring their performances.

Ed and Katya did a Paso Doble and it was their funniest/worst performance yet as he completely forgot the steps. It was so obvious that it was really bad but no less entertaining! At least he did put full effort in there’s no doubt about that!

Naga and Pasha performed the Charleston (as a mermaid and swimmer) and it was their best dance! It was pretty nice and clean and she actually looked like she was relaxed! Sadly she was voted off which was a shame as she could probably have improved, but it is a tough competition this year!

Louise and Kevin danced a Foxtrot and although I thought it took a while to get into it as they were doing stuff on a sofa/Louise controlling Kevin with a remote etc, it was a nice dance. Claudia and AJ’s could have been better than this if it was more traditional, but nevertheless Louise did a good job! I have to agree with Darcey though, she needs to be pushed as at the moment it’s nice and good, but we’re missing great!

Danny and Oti performed my favourite dance of the night (sorry Ore) as they danced a classic Fred Astaire Quickstep. Everything was perfect (something did seem to go a tiny bit wrong but it was barely noticeable) and I’ve watched it back so many times! Loved it! It was quick, clean, had style, amd was just amazing! Danny is actually an incredible dancer.

Daisy and Aljaz performed a Rumba which was surprisingly decent! I wasn’t expecting a lot but she danced it well. I felt sometimes it was a little stilted and it was far from perfect, but for a hard dance she did well! I am slowly warming to her and although I don’t think/want her to make the final, I want her to do well.

Judge Rinder and Oksana danced a Viennese Waltz which was good. He hasn’t got the finesse yet, but as people are realising, he can actually dance! The theme was a little odd, a cow is not a usual prop….but it was still good. Compared to his previous ‘funny’ performances, this was quite refreshing, although the more fun ones are more entertaining!

Lesley and Anton danced the Charleston, and it was incredible for someone of her age (she’s 71!!) I really was not expecting a lot but she surprised us all with her energy. It wasn’t the cleanest and amazing Charleston ever, but there were plenty of steps, energy, and character. She understansably got a bit tired towards the end but what an effort! 

Ore and Joanne performed a Jive, which has been declared one of the best Jives ever on Strictly. It was undeniably a great Jive, but for me it deserved 9s not 10s. The kicks were good but his feet weren’t pointed and there were bits that could have been cleaner. I thought Danny’s dance was better but Ore’s was still fantastic!

Overall a good night of dancing! Some super performances and the right people in the bottom 2. What does Danny need to do to get a 10 though?! Next episode (which aired yesterday…awkwardly…) Laura has to pull out of the show for injury which is a shame, and Anastacia dances with Gorka as Brendan is ill, so much drama this series! I’m not sure when I’ll watch it but hopefully it won’t be so late as this one…

Photo Credit to BBC