​Another Strictly week, another casualty (two to be precise!) Laura sadly had to pull out because of an injury which was a shame as she was going to do a Jive and I love Jives! She’s automatically through to next week though. Brendan was another who had to pull out due to illness, which meant we got lovely Gorka back on our screens again as he partnered Anastacia in his place. So the couples that managed to survive all performed fabulously (well…nearly all..) and here are my thoughts!

Lesley and Anton danced a Tango which to be honest I found quite dull. I felt she was trying, but her frame and mistakes meant the drama of the performance was lost, which meant there wasn’t much to enjoy. Definitely not her best dance, deserved to be in the bottom 2, but it is still sad she left, although the competition is getting tough now!

Judge Rinder and Oksana performed a Jive which was full of energy and lots and lots of steps! It was a great effort and was really entertaining (his mouth was back in action doing all sorts of odd expressions). This couple really are great and so watchable, although not the best technically, they definitely are memorable and fun to watch!

Greg and Natalie did the Cha Cha which unfortunately did not suit Greg at all. He looked uncomfortable and was his worst dance by a long way…The latin dances where you need hip movement and lots of movement aren’t really suited to him sadly. I was so glad he was saved though (I put all my votes towards him!) and hopefully he can do much better in the next dance!

Anastacia and Gorka danced the Quickstep and this was definitely her best performance. Whether this was because of Gorka we’ll never know….The dance was fun, performed well and danced well and was actually entertaining. Normally she’s not one of my favourites but this made me change my opinions of her (for one week only!)

Louise and Kevin danced the Rumba (and according to their VT, in the week they went to Paris?! Is this what the TV licence fee is paying for?!) Anyway it was a pleasant Rumba with good steps, but for me it wasn’t very dramatic or passionate. It was good but was overshadowed by better performances. The judges were right in saying she’s plateaued and needs to do something different!

Ed and Katya danced the American Smooth which actually started off ok! He was dancing well, 2 of the lifts he did were good, but of course all of this was forgotten when he made *that* mistake in his other lift. Hauling Katya around like a sack of potatoes, he looked like he was about to drop her and was very awkward but hilarious to watch! Ed should be leaving soon as he is the worst dancer but people love watching him so he’ll probably be in another week or 2!

Ore and Joanne had to follow last week’s Jive (which I still say was overmarked..) with a Waltz. This was a good dance, with drama and performance, and good steps as well. Slower ballroom dances are harder to make a dramatic impact than faster and more ‘out there’ dances so I thought he did a good job! 9s were probably a fair score for him.

Daisy and Aljaz danced a Charleston which I thought was great. I loved the idea for the beginning with starting in the dark so we just saw the hands and feet, and from then the dance was great! Charlestons are a personal favourite of mine so I’m easily pleased when anyone dances one, but this was genuinely good! She clearly did get tired towards the end and it showed in the dance, but no way was this deserving of bottom 2! I think she just got forgotten in the midst of everyone else.

Danny and Oti danced the Rumba and as usual their performance was fab! The technique was good (as we kept getting told it’s soooo hard for the men….) and him and Oti are a fantastic partnership. Still my favourite couple by a long way and each week I can’t wait to see them!

Claudia and AJ closed the show with a stupidly fast Samba. Barring the fact that it was ridiculously fast so Claudia was basically running to keep up so losing technique, it was pretty good and was entertaining. There were really promising bits, it’s just annoying it was so fast! I’m not sure who’s to blame for it but whoever it is should stop! Also, their song,  Young Hearts Run Free again emphasised their age, PLEASE DO NOT KEEP DOING THIS!

This was a show which highlighted the strengths of some of the dancers but really showed weaknesses of others. There is clearly a divide growing and it will be interesting to see if the public can keep those lower down the leaderboard in the competition!

So just about managed to do this before the next show (yayyy)  Onto the Halloween Special! Oooooooo

Photo Credit BBC