So it was Halloween week on Strictly, and didn’t we know it! When they do a theme they really get into it, so much that to be honest I was a little fed up of it…That aside however it was a week of good routines, some great, and some surprises on the leaderboard, though the departing couple was predictable.

Louise and Kevin kicked off the show with a Joker themed Charleston which, although the theme wasn’t to my taste, was undeniably good! I did think Louise looked a bit heavy in places (with regards to feet not her weight!) but overall it was an enjoyable performance, probably my favourite dance of hers!

Judge Rinder and Oksana performed a bizarre butterfly/moth themed Paso Doble. I didn’t really get how it was halloweeny but it was still a splendid dance! Judge Rinder really is the surprise package of the series as he shows repeatedly that he is a good dancer! There was plenty of content and there were times where he looked amazing! I would have preferred a more usual Paso, but it was still an interesting concept and a great dance!

Claudia and AJ danced an American Smooth (as a witch/frog) and it was a brilliant performance! The steps were really accomplished, the lifts flowed and were fab, and I actually liked this theme! However….although they weren’t portrayed as young, they still danced to Little Mix- a ‘youth’ band! Why why why do Strictly insist on using these 2 to try to appeal to a younger audience and be ‘down with the kids’?! I don’t know if they are doing it intentionally but either way I wish they’d stop! They are a fantastic pairing and this was a dance that did actually show this, so hopefully they can build on this!

Anastacia and Brendan performed a Jive to Bat Out of Hell, great song, not so great a jive…The smoke on the floor went some of the way towards hiding the footwork, but it really was obvious it wasn’t great. The kicks were laboured, and although the characterisation was good, the technique wasn’t so much. It wasn’t a surprise to see her in the bottom 2 and it was right for her to go.

Danny and Oti danced a wedding themed Foxtrot and it was nearly amazing! Unlike Len I loved the idea with the band attaching them both, I thought it was unusual and could have worked so well! Sadly there were a couple of mistakes which spoilt it but it shows Danny is only human! And he needs a break from near the top of the leaderboard anyway 😉 

Laura and Giovanni came back after missing last week to dance the Tango. It was a great comeback as it was fierce, dramatic, technically good, and just enjoyable to watch! She is really good in ballroom dances as her frame is so naturally good and this Tango really showed it off. She was sharp, had lots of character, and was mostly able to sustain it throughout!

Ore and Joanne had a little dip in their scores after their Charleston surprisingly, as after their Jive you would think they would have smashed this one! I thought it was a good Charleston with lots of moves and great characterisation, definitely deserving of an 8! It wasn’t perfect and he did also miss a lift and get out of time which was unfortunate but the rest of the dance was good! Though I saw what Craig meant about more swivel, for me that did not warrant a 6, that was a crazy low score! 

Greg and Natalie performed a controversial Rumba to the great song Bring me to Life by Evanesce. It was great storytelling (about a man and his dead wife’s ghost) and Greg performed it amazingly. The controversy lay as to whether it was a proper Rumba.Craig thought it was a great dance but not a Rumba, hence the 4 (which was a little harsh!) I did kind of agree that it seemed more contemporary dance than Rumba, that could be because there wasn’t the Rumba content in the dance, or there was and Greg just didn’t get the technique good enough. Also, although a great song, it’s not your typical Rumba tune. Overall though, a fab dance despite the question marks around its Rumba status, and I still love Greg! 

Daisy and Aljaz danced the Paso Doble as zombies and it was a good performance. She hit some great lines and there were some really fab bits in it! If she had been able to sustain those good bits more it would have been even better! She didn’t deserve to be in the bottom 2 again, I do think people forget about her/prefer to vote for those lower down to save them thinking those in the middle and top will be safe/she’s not got a natural fan base.

Ed and Katya danced a ridiculous and hilarious Cha Cha with Ed as a crazy scientist. He definitely put 100% effort in, but it was not the best technique we’ve ever seen! It was one the most fun and memorable Cha Chas we’ve probably seen to be fair, but not for any good reasons! Ed really should be going soon but I still want him to stay in (and so do much of the public!) It is hard when better dancers go before him though, but he’s so fun he has to stay in! He has actually improved since Week 1 which is nice to see, anf Ed really does just bring joy to everyone!

So, Halloween over and done with (phewww) and there were some shocks/surprises/maybe unfair comments? Anyway this week, unusually for this series, the women dominated the top of the leaderboard, but no doubt Danny and Ore will up their game for the next dance. Anastacia going wasn’t a huge shock or a shame, but now the competition is getting interesting!

Photo Credit BBC