Another very late review (been so busy!) but also another week with some excellent dancing, and a very shocking bottom 2! Who would have predicted Ore would be there?! Laura going wasn’t a surprise, it’s sad as I actually liked her but there were so many more I preferred! This week also saw the first Argentine Tango which was exciting, especially as it meant Louise wasn’t so bland! One thing’s for sure, there is a very high standard this year!

Danny and Oti opened the show in fantastic style as they danced an amazing Jive! There were so many good things about it I don’t know where to start! There was lots of content which Danny coped with well. I loved the flicky kick things (no idea of their actual name…) and his double splits were impressive! He also acted it perfectly, and one reason (among many) why I love this couple is that they always look like they’re having the greatest fun whenever they dance. If we’re being picky maaaybe his kicks could have been sharper, but those 10s he got were way overdue!

Daisy and Aljaz’s Viennese Waltz was good but incredibly sickly sweet. Dancing to  the ‘Daisy Daisy give me your answer do’ song,  it was very soppy and quite overpowering! The dance itself was very good and graceful, and it was nice that she wasn’t in the Bottom 2 this week!

Ore and Joanne danced a Salsa which was good and didn’t deserve to be in the Bottom 2! Although it wasn’t my favourite dance of theirs or one of my favourites on the nights it was still good! I did find the technique and hip action needed more work but it was a strong performance and was a lot of fun! I’m not especially warming to them though and I don’t know why!

Ed and Katya danced a Quickstep that was surprisingly good and was Ed’s best dance by far! The silent movie character slapstick side worked really well and made the lack of finesse in the quickstep actually almost work with the theme! I would have liked more in hold as he was actually pretty good then but it is amazing how much he has improved since week 1!

Laura and Giovanni danced the Samba and although I enjoyed it I felt it could have been better. She had clearly mastered quite a bit of the technique but she still seemed quite unstable. She is so much better in ballroom and her latin doesn’t match up, so it was no surprise they left as sadly it was only a matter of time.

Judge Rinder and Oksana performed a classic Quickstep to ‘It don’t mean a thing’ and I loved it! I adore this kind of theme and he really danced and acted it beautifully! The technique was good, his face under control, and it was a gorgeous dance. I really am rooting for him to make the final as he deserves it so much with the amount he’s improved (and surprised everybody!)

Louise and Kevin danced an Argentine Tango, and I’m annoyed to admit that it was good. With appropriate classic Argentine music it was dramatic and sharp, but the music did undoubtedly emphasise the mood (and maybe make it seem better than it was??) Louise still seemed a little bland to me but it was undoubtedly her best performance I think.

Greg and Natalie did the Viennese Waltz and it was a relief to see him back him ballroom. He is much better at it than the Salsa and Cha Cha etc and it was good to see him do well. For an athlete I am impressed with how well he acts out the dance creating a really strong performance, and this Waltz was beautiful. Yes there were mistakes, but for someone who’s new to dancing, it was so good!

Claudia and AJ danced a Paso Doble which I had mixed feelings about. On the one hand Claudia danced it amazingly, her arms were great, everything was precise, and the footwork and technique and everything else was fab. Sad thing is, the music choice let her down completely. If she’d had traditional music she would have got much better scores I’m sure! Since when did ‘Shut Up and Dance’ become an appropriate Paso choice?! Again they seem to be trying to appeal to the youth but they really are not doing that! Give them a proper song to dance to! Claudia is so talented and is not getting the praise she deserves!

As I keep saying the standard is so so high this year which makes for amazing shows, and also unpredictable ones as it’s hard to say who will go! Laura was predictable but it will be tough to make the final for sure! Who knows when I’ll watch and review next week’s  show, but it’s sure to be good!

Photo Credit to BBC