I’ve neglected this blog quite badly over the last few weeks, I’ve had so much on I’ve barely been able to watch everything let alone review it! Uni has finished now so I’m going to try to make up for this…Obviously I’ve missed quite a few Strictly reviews so I’m going to give my general thoughts on what’s been happening.

So since I last wrote Daisy, Greg, Ed, and Judge Rinder have all been eliminated. These losses were perhaps not surprising (though I had hoped Greg would stay in longer, was so sad when he left!) In another year they all (maybe barring Ed) could have been finalists as they were good dancers! But this year the standard is very high. Daisy wasn’t much of a loss, her last Salsa wasn’t amazing and her latin never matched her ballroom. Greg was a loss and not just because I like him! He put so much effort in and although he had a couple of dodgy dances, his Paso was really good and it was a shame he left on his Quickstep which was good, but not his best! Ed leaving had been on the cards for a while with his consistently low scores but he is sorely missed! He has been fantastic to watch, and it has been a real pleasure to see him attack each dance. His Gangnam Style Salsa will undoubtedly go down in Strictly history…Judge Rinder was being left behind after Ed had gone and so it was inevitable he would be going. He has been an unexpected joy to watch and his Week 8 Foxtrot and Week 9 Salsa were fab to watch.

Of those that are left, I am in absolute looove with Danny and Oti! They are incredible! Their Argentine Tango- unique, sharp, and fab. Their Charleston- AMAZING!! Loved the song, the routine, the (almost) flawless technique, definitely deserved the 40 that he got! Their Samba which was the first one ever to get a 40, again was insane! Possiblyyy my favourite dance on Strictly? Which considering I normally prefer Jives, Charlestons and Quicksteps is saying something! I adored the African theme and everything about it. There were no inhibitions, they both just went for it and it was fabulous! If you haven’t seen it (or his Charleston, or any dance of his for that matter) then DO IT NOW! Their tango in Musicals Week was good (though unusual music choice…) but I preferred his other dances.

Claudia and AJ have had a tough time as they have been in the bottom 2 against Greg. I don’t feel they’ve reached their full potential and they’re still getting annoying song choices….But that aside they have been doing well! I wasn’t a huge fan of their Jive (overmarked??) but I loved their Argentine Tango and their Salsa (which was helped by it being danced to one of my fave songs from Lion King!) She has definitely improved from Week 1 and I do really want her to make the final.

Ore and Joanne have been doing pretty good dances, but nothing has made me really love any of them the past few weeks. I didn’t like their Rumba, and I felt their Viennese Waltz did not deserve 10s! It was undoubtedly good but to me it didn’t feel very ‘waltzy’ and although the ‘neverending’ fleckerl was impressive, I felt it was a bit unnecessary…Their Paso was unusual and I kind of liked it, I warmed to it when I watched it again, but this last week I wasn’t a fan of their Foxtrot. It was to the fab song Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka but, whether it was the weird flowers milling around, or just the lack of character maybe, I didn’t find it absorbing. I do kind of like Ore, I just don’t really connect with him, the couple, or their dances. I get why he’s been im the bottom 2 a couple of times and I think he could be in danger again this week.

Louise and Kevin have been doing well also, but again I feel there’s something missing. I always feel like she’s holding back and she never seems to fully embrace the performance and never seems to be pushed to her limits. I did actually like their American Smooth to Big Spender, but the song probably (definitely) helped! Their Paso and Waltz were kind of forgettable (I just had to look up what they did and still can’t really remember them…). Their Musicals Week Quickstep as a Calamity Jane theme was enjoyable but again I think the fact I liked the theme helped! Overall I just can’t warm to her and I don’t know why!

So, you can probably guess I am Danny and Oti all the way! Yes he may be a ringer blah blah blah but genuinely, he is incredible! Every performance he and Oti do is fantastic, unique, memorable, absorbing, and I watch them all multiple times and never get bored! It’s been so good to see Oti able to push the choreography as Danny can cope with it. Danny for the win!! (Claudia for 2nd place and don’t mind about the others…)
Photo Credit to BBC