Absolutely gutted about this result! Claudia going and Danny in the dance off was exactly what I didn’t want to happen (although hopefully it will give Danny a boost to his votes just in time for the final…?) I felt Louise especially had a weak night and I wasn’t overly enamoured with Ore, Danny was lots better and Claudia had the standout dance of the night! I’m getting a little annoyed with the scoring of the judges but hopefully the public will vote the rightful winner (hint Danny) in the final!

Louise and Kevin danced a Tango and a Samba this week, and neither were great. Although the judges seemed to like her Tango, I didn’t think it was amazing. Yes she worked with the music well and the accents were good but overall the movement and posture weren’t amazing. Also, although I don’t like criticising because of the song/theme because it’s not the celebrity’s fault, Louise did have an odd Tango choice! It was upbeat rather than moody and I’m not sure how a conveyor belt fitted in to the dance….Her Samba was also predictably sub par. She was always going to struggle more with this kind of party dance but to be honest it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! There was a lot of choreography but it wasn’t danced amazingly well. She deserved to be fully bottom of the leaderboard, not joint with Claudia! The problem with Louise is she hasn’t had a break out dance that was truly memorable, not had a continuous progression, and all her dances are very samey, with similar moves and faces etc. Even if they’re completely different dances! It’s all on one level with no variety, so I really really hope she doesn’t win!

Danny and Oti danced the Salsa and an American Smooth which, although they weren’t his best, were still stunning! His Salsa perhaps wasn’t as amazing as it could have been as his hip action wasn’t perfect. He did however perform plenty of steps and the lifts were fab! His American Smooth was better and really was beautiful. It was Viennese Waltz based and was stunning, although the wrap around lift was a bit clumsy. The ending though where Oti leapt off the platform and Danny caught her was incredible! It was a truly fantastic performance and although it was nice to see it again in the dance off, I would have preferred not to…He massively deserved to get straight through to the final and I’m so glad he’ll be there! For me, Danny and Oti have the best partnership ever on Strictly, when they dance together they are always so into the performance and look to be having the best time. Also, despite ‘ringer’ claims, Danny has actually improved a lot albeit from a very good base, and he is now an incredible dancer. Can you tell I love Danny? Danny HAS to win!

Ore and Joanne performed the Quickstep and Argentine Tango and although they were enjoyable, I didn’t think they deserved the high scores and the raving of how amazing they were. There are theories flying around saying how the judges purposefully overmark Ore (and Louise to a certain extent) to get him higher up the leaderboard as they want him to make the final/win, and although I don’t want to believe them it is so hard not to! His Quickstep was decent and was good, but why did Len stand up to applaud it?! It was a bit messy and rough, Claudia’s later on was much better….His Argentine Tango was also good, and the song did actually work which surprised me. However, I felt Joanne did most of the dancing whilst Ore didn’t do as much. I feel we have seen better Argentine Tangos where the celebrity has done more actual steps so not sure why he got 10s! Especially as he did clearly wobble and make a mistake…Overall Ore wouldn’t bother me that much if he wasn’t applauded so much and so consistently overmarked! Yes give him credit for doing well but COME ON Danny is so much better and Claudia’s Quickstep was on the night! Ore has had a good few dances but they’ve not been consistently good/improving. Some of his dances really aren’t as amazing as they’re made out to be so I was annoyed he wasn’t in the bottom 2. I just really hope he doesn’t win as I don’t think I could bear the tears he will shed…

Claudia and AJ danced the Rumba and Quickstep and absolutely did not deserve to go! Rumba was a hard dance for the semi final but I thought she coped well. Yes it was a bit stiff and wasn’t perfect at all, but I thought she performed the character well (not sure why Darcey keeps saying her and AJ need more connection, Ore and Louise aren’t exactly miles better with their partners!) Her Quickstep though was fabulous and really deserved 40 based on the scoring of others on the night. Yes there was tiny gapping and issues but seriously why pick up on that but not flaws in anyone else’s performances?! cough Louise…For once the song was mature and didn’t play on her age, which was probably why it was so good. It was a classic, fast, sharp Quickstep which I LOVED! It was nice to see it again but not in the dance off. If I’m being honest, although I love Danny, I think Claudia’s Quickstep was better than Danny in the dance off and it was the best dance of the evening for me! Really unfair that Claudia pulled such a performance out of the bag but the judges scoring and the voting didn’t reflect this. I would have loved to see her in the final but it just means all my hopes are on Danny!

This is quite an overexcited and ranty blog but I am just gutted Claudia and AJ left. Throughout the series I feel they’ve been battling with how they are being portrayed as kids, and the themes and songs interfering with their dances. They have had some stunning dances and it’s a shame they went out on one of them. The dance off was odd/heartbreaking as it was my 2 favourites against each other and also the 2 best dances on the night against each other! Now I’m fully backing Danny to win. He’s the only one now that truly deserves it so vote for him!

Photo Credit to BBC