This is incredibly delayed and arguably pointless as Poldark finished so long ago, but I hate to leave things incomplete so I’m reviewing the end of this series on one mega post! Series 3 is already being filmed and based on this last series, there’s a lot to look forward to!

Firstly, there’s the question surrounding Elizabeth and her ‘Who’s the daddy’ pregnancy. She seemed to naively have forgotten the potential implications of sleeping with Ross as it was only when Aunt Agatha mentioned the possibility of the baby arriving too early that she started to worry. I can’t imagine George would be too happy about raising Ross’ child, and I doubt he’d be stupid enough not to register how early the baby was. Although saying that, how much would he interfere in ‘women’s matters’? Either way, Elizabeth is in a sticky situation, and her marriage to George is hardly harmonious. Yes he’s rich, but (though I love George as a character to watch) he really is not an ideal husband. His arrogance, cockiness, harshness, and selfishness don’t make for happy times ahead!

But what about Ross and Demelza? Well Demelza’s response to Ross sleeping with Elizabeth was quite understandable! There was grey area as to whether Ross raped Elizabeth as he seemed forceful, but Elizabeth was reciprocal (once he got her in bed…) But leaving that aside, Ross has still lowered his position in our estimation! Demelza kicking him out was something we all cheered, and her newfound appearance at the party was fantastic to watch. Although she was massively overdone with clothes and make up and looked much nicer naturally, it was perfect to see all these men fawning over her and competing for her attentions. Ross needs to recognise his luck in Demelza! Anyway they resolved their differences with Ross spouting a lot of rubbish along the way (for one declaring Elizabeth as an ideal whilst Demelza was ‘real’…not sure that was an amazing compliment…) But Ross is now off to war! So who knows what that means for next series.

Dr Enys is also off to war, but not before the long awaited reunion with Caroline. Caroline popped up during the episodes even though she had ‘left’ after Dr Enys’ no show, as George and Elizabeth called on her. Meanwhile, Dr Enys moped around getting on with his work, as Caroline ignored his letters, amd eventually coming to the conclusion that going to war would make him feel better. Personally I’d watch soppy films and eat chocolate but going to war seemed to be a popular option as Ross too decided that was the best course of action! No doubt we will see more of their war adventures in the next series. There was one last bit of excitement for Dr Enys before setting off for war however, as Caroline (persuaded by Ross) came to make things right. At last they resolved their issues and are now back together! So all is well with them (if you ignore the fact Dr Enys may be killed imminently…)

Meanwhile, George was struggling (as usual) to get on the right side of the locals as he moved into Trenwith with Elizabeth. Putting up a fence around the land and having an ‘armed patrol’ probably wasn’t the best idea if he wanted to be liked…which he probably didn’t…Anyway, it resulted in dramatic scenes as the villagers stormed Trenwith, and there seemed to be a very real danger! George was predictably useless at diffusing the issue, and just as predictably Ross came to save the day (annoyingly for George!) The relations between George and every single person don’t look set to improve any time soon!
Many other things happened in these episodes, particularly with the mine. After tracking down Mark Daniel who had claimed to have seen ‘money’ in that mine, there was disappointment all around as they found out he meant tin not copper….After the sadness of a collapse and deaths, there was then happiness as the tin became profitable and things improved. This may all be wrong as I got confused with all the good and the bad things happening but basically it showed mining is not a great profession! 

Other stuff also happened (like Verity having her baby!) but I’ll finish with my wishlist for Series 3.
-More Dr Enys and Caroline please!

-More Aunt Agatha and her put downs and general amazing words

-More George and his evilness and also his banter with Aunt Agatha

-Less mining issues please, don’t mind them being there but so much of this series was the mine!

Series 3 is a while away yet but I’m already looking forward to it!

Photo Credit to BBC