After 3 long months it’s ended, and sadly not with the winner I wanted! I can’t deny Ore and Joanne performed well and were good dancers, but seriously…Danny and Oti should have won! I have never backed a couple as much as them before and so I am gutted they didn’t win! I was relieved Louise didn’t win though as in the final she really did look much poorer than the guys.

To start with Louise and Kevin (as my least favourites out of those left), their dances again were mildly forgettable. The repeat of their Flashdance themed Cha Cha was no better second time around! Apparently it was to show her improvement, as she had won the Cha Cha Challenge a few weeks before, but it just showed Louise shouldn’t have won it, another thing Danny should have won! The dance was okaaaayyy but she never seems to fully let go which, combined with less than perfect technique, doesn’t make for great viewing. The other repeat dance was their Argentine Tango which was probably one of my favourite dances of hers. Her technique and the performance were both pretty good and I didn’t actually mind watching it again! Her showdance however I wouldn’t want to see again. It was predictably balletic and wafty and attempting to be emotional. This kind of thing rarely works for me and so I was not a fan. It basically consisted of Louise being flung about by Kevin to a Whitney Houston song, and I felt nothing. I’m so glad she didn’t win as she has never really improved. She started off ok, her performance got a little better I suppose but really she remained bland throughout! I don’t know how she managed to get to the final above others but I guess some people must have liked her!

Onto Ore and Joanne. (I know because they won they should be the last couple I speak about but Danny is the winner in my eyes.) Although I didn’t want them to win, I have to admit the final showed them to their best. Everything worked for Ore, having two Gene Kelly character dances and then his Jive meant his performances were crowd pleasers, especially as they were Ore’s best type of dance! His Singing in the Rain American Smooth was good like when he last did it, and he had the same style in his showdance. His showdance was danced to I Got Rhythm from American in Paris (a Gene Kelly film) so he was literally being the same person. Some (I) would argue he should have shown more diversity as he danced similar styles but others seem to disagree! His showdance was actually good (though I didn’t like the prop blocks) and I was a bit annoyed that I enjoyed it! His Jive was also good like last time, though for me there was still something missing from it. I can’t say what that is so it could just be my bias towards Danny making me feel like that! Anyway, Ore is a decent winner I guess, although not my first choice he was better than the alternative. He danced his best in the final but for me I just didn’t gel with him and Joanne! It didn’t help I felt they were consistently overmarked and pushed forwards to win, eg being shown first or last on VTs and the judges (Len mainly) going on about how amazing he was etc. I am really annoyed Danny didn’t win as he deserved it so much more!

Danny and Oti have actually been the best this series (ever??) by a mile. Ok so he may have previous dance experience, but even with this he improved! He started off good, and became amazing. He and Oti had a beautiful partnership and worked incredibly well together. Her choreography and his ability to perform it meant every single one of their routines was memorable and I have watched all of them multuple times. In the final I was so excited to see their Quickstep again but I can’t believe it went wrong! It started so promising, with even more choreography added than before, but the sequence down the middle with a jump which looked so good the first time went noticeably wrong. It could have been amazing but it shows Danny is only human! Their showdance was stunning, and for me was the best of the night. It wasn’t as showy as Ore’s, but it had lots of complex choreography (and showed what Danny had learnt as he didn’t learn Paso etc at stage school!) and it was very dramatic. The use of the mirror was good and it just showcased Oti’s excellent choreography and Danny’s ability. Finally their choice to repeat their record breaking Samba was definitely the right one! It was just as amazing the second time around and is a pure joy to watch! Definitely not going too far to say it’s one of, if not the, best dance ever on Strictly. Here’s the link, watch for 90 seconds or so of incredible everything!

Overall, I’ve loved this series, helped mainly by the brilliance of Danny and Oti! Greg and Claudia, my other favourites, should have gone further but I really liked most contestants (especially Ed Balls!). Ore and Louise weren’t my favourites for the final, there were many I’d have preferred to be there instead, and clearly I wanted Danny to win. Danny and Oti nevertheless still have the knowledge they performed some of the best dances EVER on Strictly. There were accusations of a fix for Ore to win and though I don’t want to believe them it is hard not to. I do think Danny’s fans interacted more online etc while Ore’s voters maybe didn’t as much, so it seemed Danny had more support than he did so explaining the result? I have no answers but I can say that leaving all this aside it has been a super series of Strictly and I’ve loved every bit of it (until the end when Danny didn’t win but I guess everyone’s bored of my constant moaning so I shall stop now…)

Photo Credit to BBC