The 2020 series of I’m a Celebrity couldn’t have been more different to previous series. Wales instead of Australia, a castle instead of a forest, cold and dark instead of warm and sunny, coats and long johns instead of t-shirts and bikinis, pheasant instead of kangaroo, and many more!

However, Ant and Dec and the 12 celebrity campmates made sure that, despite all the changes, this year of I’m a Celeb was one of the best ever!

Here are some of the best and most memorable moments from I’m a Celebrity 2020:

  • It was in a castle! Never got tired of seeing the beautiful Gwrych Castle and its surroundings.
  • The campmates! It was one of the first years that I knew virtually all of the campmates and I was so excited to see them all before the series even started.
  • When the celebrities all met for the first time at a random cliff face in Wales.
  • When Shane made all the celebs jump when they opened the box.
  • Hollie Arnold MBE.
  • When Victoria and Jordan were reunited after Jordan was her “teaboy” years ago.
  • When Jess got confused between the UK and the Scottish charts.
  • When Jordan North threw up on a cliff in Wales in the first half of the first episode.
Jordan I'm a Celebrity
I am not using the picture of him actually throwing up
  • Ant’s static caravan.
  • That the shower was literally a watering can.
  • When Shane fell out his hammock.
  • When the campmates all did the first trial together.
  • When Beverley had a cockroach or something in her pocket after the trial.
  • Kiosk Cledwyn and Ye Olde Shoppe.
Kiosk Cledwyn
Kiosk Cledwyn!
  • Mo going crazy every time he visited Ye Olde Shoppe.
  • When Mo talked about Super Saturday and Jordan told him to his face that he had watched a film instead.
  • When Jordan was so scared about doing the Viper Vault trial but he managed to complete it!
  • Happy Place Happy Place Turf Moor etc.
  • When Vernon was definitely too big for the shower.
  • When Jordan was so happy to be in the shower room with Vernon.
  • When Victoria told the same joke to try to improve her comedy skills.
  • When Jordan, Vernon and Beverley ate at the Frights of the Round Table.
  • When Bev got vegan options and said she only became vegan in March…cue constant questions about her diet!
  • When Dec said “Well done Vernon, half a brain”.
  • Vernon and Shane’s name-dropping.
  • When Russell and Ruthie entered the camp by doing a trial on the stage.
  • When Russell chipped his tooth during the trial.
  • When Shane threw stones at the privy and Jordan couldn’t tell where they were coming from.
  • When Ant and Dec couldn’t stop laughing during a live link.
  • When Jordan won 12 stars in the solo trial Trapped Door- that is some journey!
  • When the weird jester picture started talking to Ruthie and the washing fell down.
The jester picture in I'm a Celebrity
If this spoke to me I would scream
  • When Ruthie got Jordan to massage her feet.
  • The face Jordan made when he sanitised his hands afterwards.
  • When Ruthie and Russell convinced everyone it was Walter Shakespeare.
  • When Russell made everyone believe he saw a ghost.
  • When Jordan didn’t know how to pronounce Shiitake mushrooms.
  • When we found out how stupid some luxury items were (curl cream, really AJ?)
  • When all the campmates started dancing to Reach by S Club 7 (Giovanna’s luxury item), particularly Vernon dancing in his blanket.
  • When Ant and Dec were joined by The Rock.
  • When Mo and Victoria dressed as robins for the Castle Coin Challenge, and Mo fell over.
  • When Mo screamed all the way through Fort Locks.
Mo falling in fish guts on I'm a Celebrity
That’s no way to treat a Knight of the Realm
  • When double double Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah slipped on fish guts or whatever horrible stuff it was.
  • When Jordan and Ruthie had to herd ducks into pens and had particular trouble with Donna.
  • When Jessica was really nervous at the live trial and didn’t get in the stocks properly (and cemented her fate as the next person we would vote for a trial!)
  • When Shane pranked Ruthie by asking her to turn off the castle lights.
  • When Vernon and Russell couldn’t spell in the Castle Coins Challenge.
  • When the “Lords” ate too much at the banquet.
  • When the “Ladies” got insane amounts of offal and fish guts and whatever else dumped on them in Bar-Baric.
  • When Giovanna, going first in Bar-Baric, barely got any disgusting things on her at all.
The ladies after Bar-Baric
Think they need a shower
  • When everyone was so angry at the Saturday night highlights show even though, as Ant and Dec said, there was UNSEEN FOOTAGE TOO!
  • When Jordan was elected camp leader!
  • When AJ couldn’t boil water because they hadn’t cleaned the pots and pans, but Shane couldn’t clean the pots and pans because there was no hot water. Or something.
  • When AJ and Jess took ages to find each other and the stars in the Harm-ory. (It was incredibly difficult in pitch black though to be fair).
  • Jessss! Jessss! Jessss!!
  • When Jordan and Ruthie chose scotch eggs instead of mini eggs from Ye Olde Shoppe (and they were actually savoury eggs not proper scotch eggs).
  • When Shane and Vernon were being a little bit bitchy about Jess and Jordan doing the trials, then Shane getting voted for the next one.
  • When Shane did one of the easiest and least scary trials- Cruel Jewels.
  • When Beverley said Splash! was the most stupid show ever, not realising she was sat right next to its presenter- Vernon.
  • When Giovanna slayed dragon pinatas with a helmet over her head in the Castle Coins Challenge.
  • When AJ pointed out how dirty the dishes were and proceeded to make them shine.
Shane putting a hand on AJ's shoulder I'm a Celebrity
The face says it all
  • AJ’s dance lessons.
  • Russell never missing an opportunity to sing.
  • When Vernon was a third-wheel as Jordan and Shane got in the shower together…
  • When Shane scared Beverley in the middle of the night.
  • When Shane and Jess had some of the best reactions in a drinking trial at Sickening Stalls.
  • When Jess spat out her drinks and looked like she was actually drunk.
  • When Giovanna, Beverley, Jess and Ruthie were covered in bugs in the spa challenge, which was worse than some of the trials!
  • The shot of Beverley from under the spa table, with her goggles a mess and a cockroach on her face.
  • When Giovanna, Vernon, Russell and Hollie had a nice trip to “a spa” aka a hot tub with nibbles and a face mask (no, not those kinds of masks, the type you smear on your face).
  • When Shane confused Jordan by talking a load of rubbish about a policeman.
  • When Giovanna was chosen as camp leader!
The I'm a Celebrity camp 2020
There’s no place like home
  • When Hollie and Shane struggled at Wicked Waterways and only got 4 stars.
  • When Mo got his jelly beans.
  • When Victoria said about the time she called Jeremy Hunt something else…
  • When Jordan told his (Radio 1 famous) Yungblud story.
  • When Mo said how one time he fell over and, after getting up, started running the wrong way around the track.
  • The tension between AJ and Shane over the washing up.
  • When the British public hoped to capitalise on this apparent tension by voting for AJ and Shane to do the next trial. Which never lived up to expectations. Oh well.
  • When Mo dressed up as Robin Hood and Vernon as Friar Tuck for the Castle Coins Challenge.
Vernon and Mo dressed as Robin Hood and Friar Tuck I'm a Celebrity
Name a more iconic duo
  • When everyone was far too over-emotional that it was their last night in camp.
  • When the Saturday show was ALL NEW UNSEEN EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE.
  • When Jess broke the wood cutter.
  • When Victoria had a serious and really useful chat with Jess about breast cancer in the Saturday show.
  • When Victoria did a trial but not very speedily.
  • When the wolf was more like a cuddly dog.
  • When Shane completely missed the hole with his final puck in the challenge to win treats, captured in glorious slow-motion.
  • When Ruthie left the castle and realised her entire conversation about Prince Edward had been shown live to millions.
  • When Russell did the Rancid Rotisserie and sucked at general knowledge.
  • When Mo had no geography skills in the Castle Coin Challenge and didn’t know where Wales was on a map.
  • The mystery of the Phantom Dribbler (definitely not Jordan).
The privy I'm a Celebrity
Who’s been dribbling in the privy?
  • When Jordan fell backwards off the bench.
  • When Ant and Dec caught the campmates by surprise with a double eviction- Beverley and Victoria.
  • When Beverley realised all the things that had been broadcast during her exit interview and became so embarrassed. #megashag.
  • When Giovanna threw offal and fish guts at Vernon’s head in Cart-astrophe.
  • When Jordan got a six-pack! Kind of…
  • When the campmates went to The Castle Inn.
  • When Jordan and Mo were very bad at karaoke.
  • When Jess screamed and jumped at the confetti as her and Russell left the castle.
  • When Dec wanted everyone to get their stars in their bag.
  • When the campmates hid in the Telegraph from Jordan while playing hide and seek.
  • When Jordan was scared of a pillow under a bed during hide and seek.
  • When AJ and Mo were screaming before their trial, Game of Groans, even started.
  • Mo’s Phil Mitchel impressions.
  • When the campmates convinced Shane that Mo had a butler from the queen because he was a Sir.
  • Vernon stealing Kiosk Cledwyn’s bell dressed as an elf.
  • Kiosk Cledwyn eating a mince pie when the shutter was down.
Celebrity Cyclone 2020
Celebrity Cyclone- best trial ever!
  • Vernon being an absolute machine at Celebrity Cyclone.
  • The final 3 being the right 3: Jordan, Giovanna and Vernon.
  • Vernon’s HORRIFIC final trial.
  • Giovanna taking her sweet time with her eating trial.
  • Jordan facing his fears of snakes again.
  • Jordan making small talk with Ant and Dec during his trial.
  • All the 2020 campmates joining the final via video.
  • Giovanna crowned Queen of the Castle!

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